Why Coastal Waste?

If you are new to booking a dumpster in Laurel Bay, you may wonder what we offer. Thanks to hundreds of our happy customers, Coastal Waste is the top-rated Laurel Bay Dumpster rental. We don’t just use that as a marketing gimmick, and we go above and beyond for every one of our customers to ensure that you receive premium services worthy of your five stars.

You should try our dumpster services because our experts know the right cubic yards for your project.

Whether you need to remove piles of wood from a construction site or dump shingles, we have years of dumpster service delivery.

laurel bay dumpster rental

Don’t settle for anything other than an expert dumpster recommendation service. Scheduling the wrong container size can cost you a pretty penny.

Another reason to trust our Laurel Bay waste service is that we charge a flat-rate fee with no surprise costs, Nada!

The cost estimate you receive is what you will see in your dumpster service bill. There are no hidden rental fees, zero additional costs, and transparent prices at Coastal Waste.

Notably, our residential and construction receptacles are easy to use. The dumpster rentals feature ground-level height and a rear door, making it easy to roll in debris using tools like wheelbarrows. 

Roll-Off Open Top Containers

10 Yard Dumpster


8’ x 12’ x 3.5’


Approximate weight:

4,100 lbs.

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Suggested size for:

• Roofing projects
• Small home remodels
• Home spring / summer cleaning


20 Yard Dumpster


8’ x 21’ 2.5” x 4.5’


Approximate weight:

4,400 lbs.

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Suggested size for:

• Brick
• Tile
• Concrete
• Asphalt
• Dirt
• Sand
• Small remodel projects


30 Yard Dumpster


8’ x 21’ 2.5” x 6.5’


Approximate weight:

5,200 lbs.

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Suggested size for:

• Brick
• Tree trimming
• Light demolition
• Mid-sizing home remodels
• Cleanups


40 Yard Dumpster


8’ x 21’ 2.5” x 8.5’


Approximate weight:

6,000 lbs.

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Suggested size for:

• Brick
• Tree trimming
• Light demolition
• Mid-sizing home remodels
• Cleanups


Cleaning Up the Laurel Bay Area

We aim to keep the Laurel Bay area squeaky clean and spearhead trash recycling as a locally-run business.

We take almost every type of garbage you can think of except highly flammable and toxic items. For instance, typical residential junk, office refuse, landscaping waste, and construction debris are up our wheelhouse.

However, we might not accept batteries, pesticides, tires, motor oil, paint, and other toxic waste in the dumpster.

Our specialists can help you review possible options for hazardous trash.

Let’s hop on a call, or you can rent online!

Ideal Dumpster Size to Clean Residential Junk

Home junk can build up quickly over time, but getting rid of it can be an uphill task. This is where our residential dumpster rental services come in handy. We offer multiple roll-off options so you can get rid of junk regardless of the scale of your decluttering project.

Construction Roll-Off Rentals in Laurel Bay

If you are a contractor working on a construction site in Laurel Bay, we have the perfect dumpster rental options. Our construction roll-off rentals come in various sizes to fit your specific needs

Our 30 and 40-YD are perfect for large construction sites, while our 10-yard and 20-yard dumpsters are significant for smaller projects. 

Construction projects can be time-sensitive, so we offer flexible rental timeframes to ensure you have enough time to complete the job.  

Landscaping Dumpster Rental, Laurel Bay

If you're looking for a stress-free way to remove landscaping debris, you've come to the right dumpster rental. We accept dirt, tree stumps, rocks, grass, leaves, and bushes. Talk to our experts to select the ideal size and schedule a roll-off delivery. 

Responsive Customer Support

Do you need help finding a reliable Laurel Bay dumpster rental? At Coastal Waste, we understand that customer support is just as important as the quality of our dumpster rental services. That's why we offer responsive customer support to all our clients in Laurel Bay. We're happy to help you explore options, whether you want to rent a dumpster now or are window shopping.

Coastal Waste is your go-to dumpster rental company in Laurel Bay. We offer different dumpster sizes, making finding the perfect waste removal solution easy. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your dumpster rental.

Quick Delivery Dumpster Rental Service

Coastal Waste offers Laurel Bay dumpster rental services at incredible prices. With years of experience in the waste disposal industry, we can guarantee top-quality customer service.

Get a 10, 20, 30, or 40-yard container for residential or commercial construction projects.

Schedule your roll-off dumpster rental today, or call for a free quote!

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