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Miami Shores Dumpster Rental

Are you working on a construction project in Miami Shores and need efficient waste management solutions? Coastal Waste has good news for you! We provide exclusive roll-off dumpsters for construction and commercial use.

We use modern roll-off dumpsters and offer various services to make your project easier. We aim to help you save time and focus on what's important.

Hiring our services in Miami Shores, Florida, is simpler than ever. Identify your ideal roll-off container and contact us. Our responsive customer support team will gladly learn about your next project and schedule early dumpster delivery.

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Roll-Off Open Top Containers

10 Yard Dumpster


8’ x 12’ x 3.5’


Approximate weight:

4,100 lbs.

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Suggested size for:

• Roofing projects
• Small home remodels
• Home spring / summer cleaning


20 Yard Dumpster


8’ x 21’ 2.5” x 4.5’


Approximate weight:

4,400 lbs.

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Suggested size for:

• Brick
• Tile
• Concrete
• Asphalt
• Dirt
• Sand
• Small remodel projects


30 Yard Dumpster


8’ x 21’ 2.5” x 6.5’


Approximate weight:

5,200 lbs.

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Suggested size for:

• Brick
• Tree trimming
• Light demolition
• Mid-sizing home remodels
• Cleanups


40 Yard Dumpster


8’ x 21’ 2.5” x 8.5’


Approximate weight:

6,000 lbs.

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Suggested size for:

• Brick
• Tree trimming
• Light demolition
• Mid-sizing home remodels
• Cleanups


Construction Roll-Off Rental

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Do you work at a construction site and need to keep the site debris-free? Why get in a pinch when we can provide roll-off rentals for any construction endeavor?

We offer convenient and reliable disposal solutions for construction concrete, metals, bricks, shingles, drywall, tiles, siding, and more.

Our construction roll-off rentals range from 10 to 40 yards, ensuring there is a dumpster size for everyone.

Whether building new construction or renovating, we guarantee you have the suitable dumpster capacity to manage debris removal effectively.

Importantly, we can create a flexible waste collection schedule that matches your site's needs. Some construction projects are extensive, requiring frequent waste-hauling services. We can plan a routine waste pickup, ensuring your site is always debris-free and safe.

Spacious Open-Top Dumpsters for Contractors

Attention all contractors in Miami Shores, FL! You may work in landscaping, remodeling, plumbing, carpentry, or masonry. Your projects challenge you and bring a sense of accomplishment. However, one thing that can test your patience is the debris resulting from the beautiful artwork you create.

Coastal Waste is here to provide support with spacious open-top dumpsters. Our containers are easy to use and offer the space to hold all the garbage you create. So, go ahead and make a hot mess! We'll clean it up on time.

Get the necessary roll-off container on time and let professionals handle roofing materials, demolition, landscaping, and construction waste. Importantly, we'll go wherever your worksite is in the Miami Shores area. You don't need to be on-site during dumpster drop-off or pickup. Just let us know where and when you need your dumpster rental, and our personable team will show up with a big smile, ready to serve you.

What Goes in Your Construction Waste Bin?

You've got the dumpster you need, but can you put everything inside? Understanding the types of acceptable waste you can toss in the dumpster will save you many hassles.

At Coastal Waste, we understand the diverse nature of construction and demolition waste. Our dumpsters are suitable for multiple types of materials, including:

Construction and Demolition Debris 

We accept many C&D materials, including concrete, lumber, asphalt, bricks, wood, flooring, metals, cardboard, plastics, roofing shingles, and tiles.

Landscaping Debris

We can take yard waste like tree stumps, fencing, branches, bushes, dirt, yard junk, and grass clippings.

Household Junk  

Additionally, we accommodate home junk, including furniture, cardboard, paper, plastics, glass, and desks.

We aim to ensure you have a single, convenient solution for disposing of all your construction waste, making the waste management process as seamless as possible.

How Coastal Waste Can Simplify Your Project

Professional and Timely Services

We ensure to be professional and on time with our dumpster rental services in Miami Shores.

Reliable Roll-Off Rental Options

Whether you need to book a dumpster today or tomorrow, you can trust that we'll deliver beyond your expectations. With decades in this industry, we've created dumpster rental processes that work for you.

Request bin additions, early pickups, swap-outs, or rental extensions, and work on your endeavors stress-free.

Reasonably Fair Dumpster Rental Fee

We believe in reasonable, fair, and transparent pricing. So, we offer competitive dumpster rental fees in Miami Shores without compromising on the quality of our services.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Environmental sustainability is at the core of our operations. We employ eco-friendly waste management practices to minimize the environmental impact of residential junk, construction, and demolition waste.

Services for Various Waste Materials

Whether you're dealing with construction debris, landscaping waste, or household junk, Coastal Waste offers comprehensive services for various waste materials, ensuring that you have a place to discard all of the waste conveniently.

Dedicated to Providing Top-Notch Dumpster Rentals

At Coastal Waste, we aim to supply top-notch dumpster rentals in Miami Shores. Our knowledgeable dumpster rental consultants are ready to serve you every step of the way, providing valuable insights and expertise to ensure that we address all your waste management needs.

Knowledgeable Dumpster Rental Consultants

With Coastal Waste as your partner, you can trust that you'll get our full attention, handling construction waste professionally and responsibly. Contact us today to learn more about our dumpster rental services and experience the difference that Coastal Waste can make for your construction projects in Miami Shores.

Quick Delivery Dumpster Rental Service

Coastal Waste offers Beaufort dumpster rental services at low-cost prices. We have years of experience in the waste disposal industry and can guarantee top-quality service.

Order your 10 to 40-yard dumpster rental today.

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