North Miami Beach

Coastal Waste & Recycling is proud to partner with the City of North Miami Beach in the collection of household trash, recycling, yard and bulk waste. In addition, our company will provide waste collection service to all commercial businesses.

Residential Pickup Information

Residential Collection Carts

Homeowners are responsible for the care and cleaning of all containers. Please contact Coastal Waste & Recycling at 305-384-7649 if your container is damaged.

Residential Cart Placement

All containers should be placed at a minimum of 6 feet from any obstructions, including vehicles, mailboxes, light poles, or fences. The handle should be facing your home with the container placed at the curb. It is important to remember that your container must be outside for collection by 7:00 a.m. on your designated collection day and no earlier than 5:00 p.m. on the day before your designated collection day.

Collection Time

Please do not count on your collection time being the same every day. Collection times will vary based on traffic, the amount of materials collected, and potential changes in routing. You risk missing your pick-up if you do not place your container out by 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled pick-up day. The container cannot be emptied if it is not outside by the specified time and placed properly at the edge of the street with the handle facing your home.

Waste & Recycling Collection Days

Recycling will be collected on Wednesday and take place every other week. Please reference the calendar for your designated recycling week.

Orange highlighted Wednesdays are for customers who receive trash collection on Monday and Thursday. Blue highlighted Wednesdays are for customers who receive trash collection on Tuesday and Friday.

Weekly Recycling Begins on April 1st

Beginning on April 1, 2024, recycling will be collected once a week. Please reference the map for your designated recycling day.

Recycling Do's and Don'ts


Recycling Do's

  • Paper: clean and dry newspapers, magazines, catalogs, telephone books, printer paper, copier paper, mail, and all other office paper without wax liners
  • Cardboard: packing boxes, cereal boxes, gift boxes and corrugated cardboard; Flatten all boxes before placing them in your cart
  • Cans: steel and aluminum food & beverage cans; Aluminum bottles.
  • Cartons: aseptic poly-coated drink boxes, juice cartons and milk cartons
  • Bottles: (plastic & glass) - plastic bottles, milk, water, detergent, soda, and shampoo (flatten and replace cap); glass bottles

Recycling Dont's

  • Plastic bags: do not place recyclables in plastic bags or place loose plastic bags in the recycling cart
  • Pizza boxes
  • Paper or cardboard soiled with liquid or food waste
  • Batteries: dry cell batteries, lead acid batteries.
  • Certain plastics: plastic bags, cups, utensils and plates, clamshell containers, polystyrene (foam) products, egg cartons and trays, margarine and butter tubs, yogurt cups, plastic hangers
  • Certain glass products: window or auto glass, light bulbs, mirrors, glass cookware or bakeware, ceramics
  • Other non-recyclables: wire coat hangers, small appliances, microwave trays
  • Home chemicals: paints, pesticides, pool chemicals, fertilizers, and other household hazardous waste
  • Garbage/food waste or other nonrecyclable waste: gas cylinders, tanks, rocks, dirt, building debris, garden hoses, flammables
  • Medical waste and pharmaceutical
  • Electronic waste and accessories: PCs, monitors, televisions, printer cartridges, keyboards, cell phones, CDs, and DVDs
  • Textiles: clothes, shoes, bedding, pillows, etc.


All containers must have 3 feet of clearance on all sides. They must be placed at a minimum of 6 feet from vehicles, boats, mailboxes, light poles, or fences. There must be 15 feet overhead clearance from trees and wires. The handle should be facing your home with the container placed at the curb 3 feet or less from the roads edge.

If your collection is in the alley behind your home, the container must be placed in the alley with the handle facing your house.

cart placement graphic

Acceptable Household Waste

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Acceptable Waste:

  • Food scraps
  • Plastic packaging and cans
  • Waste paper
  • Other assorted free-flowing garbage

Unacceptable Waste:

  • Concrete
  • Construction and remodeling debris
  • Dirt or sod
  • Highly flammable materials
  • Rocks
  • Toxic materials
  • Yard clippings

Home Chemical Disposal

Two Home Chemical Collection Centers allow residential customers to dispose of items that can otherwise potentially harm the environment. Certain home chemical products are also available free of charge.

Attention businesses: Home Chemical Collection Centers are not for business or commercial use. Businesses must utilize a private company to dispose of chemicals.

New paints or latex paints in good condition should be donated to neighbors or community groups.

If you have unusable or poor-quality latex paint still in liquid form, dry out any remaining liquid with an absorbent material such as newspaper or kitty litter. Once the latex paint has been solidified, place the paint can in your waste cart.

Accepted Items:

  • Oil-based paints
  • Pesticides, solvents
  • Pool chemicals
  • Electronic items including:
    • Computer monitors and televisions
    • Personal computers, keyboards, hard drives and printers
    • VCR's, audio, and video equipment
    • Communication equipment such as cellular telephones and hand-held radios
  • Unbroken fluorescent light bulbs, including the older, long-tube fluorescents, modern compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and other fluorescent types
  • Latex paints that are still in liquid form
  • Propane tanks (larger tanks such as those used for RV's, forklifts, or fixed kitchen gas supply are not accepted)
  • Empty oxygen tanks

Illegal Dumping

Illegal Dumping is defined in Florida Statutes Title XXIX. Public Health § 403.413. Florida Litter Law.

Dumping litter prohibited - Unless otherwise authorized by law or permit, it is unlawful for any person to dump litter in any manner or amount:

  • In or on any public highway, road, street, alley, or thoroughfare, including any portion of the right-of-way thereof, or any other public lands, except in containers or areas lawfully provided therefor. When any litter is thrown or discarded from a motor vehicle, the operator or owner of the motor vehicle, or both, shall be deemed in violation of this section;
  • In or on any freshwater lake, river, canal, or stream or tidal or coastal water of the state, including canals. When any litter is thrown or discarded from a boat, the operator or owner of the boat, or both, shall be deemed in violation of this section; or
  • In or on any private property, unless prior consent of the owner has been given and unless the dumping of such litter by such person will not cause a public nuisance or otherwise be in violation of any other state or local law, rule, or regulation.

“Litter” means any garbage; rubbish; trash; refuse; can; bottle; box; container; paper; tobacco product; tire; appliance; mechanical equipment or part; building or construction material; tool; machinery; wood; motor vehicle or motor vehicle part; vessel; aircraft; farm machinery or equipment; sludge from a waste treatment facility, water supply treatment plant, or air pollution control facility; or substance in any form resulting from domestic, industrial, commercial, mining, agricultural, or governmental operations.

Unauthorized disposal of waste on any public or private property is illegal. Dumping items like tires, debris, furniture, and hazardous materials not only harms the environment but it decreases neighborhood property values and costs taxpayers millions of dollars in clean-up costs. To report illegal dumping, email the City of North Miami Beach Code Compliance Department at [email protected]. Please include the details and the description of the items dumped, location, and the date and time of the incident.

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